A Story of Dreaming, Believing, Creating, Organizing and Delivering.


Talk the TIC is a beautiful story.


It’s a story of dreaming, believing, creating, organizing and delivering. It is the story of a student, a chiropractic brotherhood, a student body, and a multitude of institutions. Indeed, it is a story that is being woven in to the fabric of the chiropractic profession, perpetuating a conversation that joins together students and practitioners, associations and organizations, past and future generations. That conversation is built upon one single question: How’s your health-talk?


Dr. Erik Van Slooten, Founder of Talk the ’TIC, posed this question to the profession following a vivid dream he experienced in November of 2006. In this dream, a student was seen passionately sharing the principles of chiropractic with an audience of thousands. A student himself at the time, Van Slooten recognized this was a call to action – that perhaps he and other students would play a role in a revitalized emphasis on the chiropractic lay-lecture. As he looked for ways of bringing students together, he landed upon the idea of a health-talk competition. And so Talk the ’TIC was put in to motion.


Dr. Van Slooten has worked tirelessly alongside his brothers in the professional fraternity of chiropractic (Delta Sigma Chi) over the last five years to extend this cause to every school that wants it. Today, approximately 15 chiropractic schools around the world participate in Talk the ’TIC on an annual basis. Adding to that, the vision has spread its wings to chiropractors. On September 18th, 2011 (chiropractic’s birthday), Talk the ’TIC unveiled a trendy, social video contest designed exclusively for licensed D.C.’s. This contest, titled “Amplify Your Voice”, presents chiropractors with an opportunity to follow the example of the students, to continue improving their chiropractic lay-lecture and perhaps reach an entirely new audience with their message.